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Photographers Needed

Can you take photos similar to these?

If yes, please read on...

LookBetterOnline takes great pride in the quality of our customer deliverables. Our end product is the direct result of the skill and effort of our great photographers. We recruit and use only the most talented photographers.

We evaluate our photographers initially by the quality of the work they have done in the past. After that, your ability to consistently produce images with quality commensurate with that of your submitted samples, your reliability, your "manner" with customers and your professional attitude will all determine where you go from there.

Our photographers come in all "sizes and shapes" but all have a single common denominator: their exemplary skill with a camera and the ability to work well with people. If that description fits you, consider supplementing your income as a contract photographer for LookBetterOnline!

Your Style

We look for photographers who can render subject images that are casual, relaxed, friendly and inviting. These are qualities most highly valued in online dating photos. Stiff, formal, glamorous, cheesy, stark and rigid are adjectives that if applied to your work will immediately disqualify you.

Experience and Background

Studio Photography

Location Photography


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If we think we can work together we will call you. We have many applicants and it may be a few days before we call so please be patient.