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Established in 2009, Christian Filipina is an online social site helping men and women around the world find friends and partners for life

Our members are mostly from the Philippines and English-speaking countries (the top three being United States, Canada, and Australia) although we also have members who are Filipinos and others living abroad in all countries of the world.

Christian Filipina is owned by a Filipina-American couple currently based in Hawaii, USA

It started as just a simple idea. The idea, to create a website where Filipinas and Christians from all countries could meet.

“It was 2009 and we thought we could try it just as an experiment,” said Peter Christopher, co-founder of Christian Filipina. “It seemed so obvious, that a site like this should exist, because the Philippines is the one Asian country that is predominantly Christian and English-speaking. Yet at that time, there was no such site.” With his wife, Milyn (who goes by her nickname Jen on the site), they believed others could find love and happiness just like they had. Peter is from the United States and was living in the Philippines when he met Milyn.

Born and raised in a rural province in the Philippines, Milyn never expected to meet and marry a foreigner. But when she met Peter, they connected, fell in love and got married in the Philippines, and then later moved to the United States.

Although they met in person, and not online, they thought for the thousands of Filipina women that are looking for Christian relationships, and for the thousands of Christian men from around the world who are looking for Christian women, why not bring the two together through an online dating service. And so, as husband and wife, they created an online place where people could do just that.

“I met Milyn in person, but a lot of people are shy; they don’t know how to meet others, or they simply don't have the time or the contacts to meet the people who God has chosen for them,” said Christopher. “And that is really how it began. We thought we could help others connect through our website.”
Safety of Christian Filipina

Before he met Milyn, Peter had used online dating sites, but he says he never found a site where he could trust the people he was meeting, or even the integrity of the dating site itself. He pointed out that a majority of people on most dating sites were scammers, generally trying to get money; many of the others were simply not ready for a serious relationship. In fact, many sites are full of fake profiles created by the sites to mislead potential members into joining. In contrast, Christian Filipina has developed its site with conservative values, insisting on honesty and transparency to educate its members while removing any profiles that are not genuine.

“We can tell if a profile was created by a scammer right away just based on the descriptions, pictures, and how they start to use the site, and we immediately remove insincere profiles from the site,” Christopher said. “Anytime we are reviewing our membership base and notice an inappropriate profile or provocative pictures, we’ll close the account. Also, our members let us know if they see anything out of the ordinary.

“Those who join our site are wonderful men and women and we feel like we are filling a void, by bringing Christian men and women together. We are delighted and gratified when we read the many comments that our members send us after they have connected, developed relationships, and many times, got married.”
The Future of Christian Filipina

As Peter and Milyn’s family has grown, (they now are the proud parents of four children), Christian Filipina has grown too. More than 110,000 men and women have joined since 2009.

As the site continues to grow it offers a regular blog of helpful information on dating, relationships, online safety, and it is constantly updating its success stories and testimonials from happy Christian Filipina members. Plans for the future include a community network, a social gathering online and in person for past members who have met on the site, and help with immigration and visa services to assist Filipina women who want to live with their new husband in the United States.