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Personally, I came out of the closet in the 1970's while still a teen. That tells you about my courage. In fact, I had to leave home at 18 because my parents couldn't handle the disclosure. After that I worked hard to put myself through undergraduate and graduate school to serve the lesbian community, which is what I've been doing for over 20 years.

Intimate-relationship-wise, I've been fortunate to enjoy two, long term lesbian relationships, one that lasted 7 years (in my 20's) and one lasting 15. I am currently single, as I chose to leave the last relationship due to some major problems that were unable to be resolved. I currently 'walk my talk' in terms of not 'settling' anymore. Eventually, I will marry a woman I can build a deeply satisfying and lasting relationship with and, in the meantime I am searching for her while also enjoying being single!

Professionally, I've always served on GLBT student committees, served as president of NASW-MD's GLBT committee and currently I am a board member of the Maryland Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I am passionate about my field of work - love coaching for lesbian women and, I am also very supportive of lesbian women excelling in self employment, especially women like myself who are serving the lesbian community.

As far as singles, dating and relationship coaching for lesbians, I have thousands of hours of post-graduate education and training as well as over 20 years of experience as a therapist and coach helping lesbian singles and couples succeed.

Services Offered:

1. Lez Rendezvous - Connecting classy single lesbians for fun, friendship, romance and more!

Price: $5 for first trial month; $29 thereafter through 12/09.
Description: Fun events, social and business networking, romance and dating and romance tips for single lesbians sponsored by Coach Sappho....A private, members only singles club for single lesbians. Available nationwide as well as internationally. Lez Rendezvous gives single lesbians...

* positive, healthy, fun and unique opportunities for meeting single lesbians
* powerfully inspiring, cutting-edge coaching, resources and tips for living happily single, dating to meet your soul mate and more
Aditional information: Be sure to go to: for detailed information on the club and what membership includes.

2. Coach Sappho's Success Circle Coaching Program

Price: One year commitment required; payment in full in advance required includes discount.
Description: The ultimate in support for life and love. Coach Sappho's Success Circle is a...

* powerful
* one-of-a-kind
* private
* intimate
* exclusive
* premiere

coaching program for a small group of highly motivated individuals who are ready to live and love full out.
Aditional information: Supreme support - three individual sessions per month AND three group sessions per month. Unlimited, brief email coaching.

3. Coach Sappho's Relationship Readiness Quiz

Price: complimentary/no charge
Description: A brief, yet powerful 10 question quiz that will help you quickly determine how 'ready' you are to date to find your soul mate OR how 'ready' you are to be fully present in your current relationship.
Aditional information: To take Coach Sappho's Relationship Readiness Quiz now, go to:

4. Coach Sappho's Couples Circle for Lesbians

Price: Couples can purchase 3, 6, 9 and 12 month packages; minimum 3 months initial commitment required.
Description: A powerful, intimate couples group coaching program for lesbian couples. We meet three times a month, for 90 minutes each. Each circle is kept small to enable lots of personalized attention for each couple.

The goal is supporting each couple in developing the three most important components to a deeply satisfying, lasting relationship - a healthy me, a healty you and a healthy 'us'.

To set the stage for the program, and, throughout, I coach couples in the circle to develop and refine their speaking and listening skills. I also provide a lot of information from credible research on couples as to what keeps a couple going strong, how to avoid divorce/breaking up, how to increase one's satisfaction together, enjoy healthy, sexual intimacy, etc.

In addition, I help each couple clarify their vision statement as a couple as well as support them in implementing and refining that vision.

The group is unique in it's ability to help every couple intensify these gains. Because lesbian couples are often ignored by or, even despised by family members and loved ones for being 'happily together', the support of the circle is often the difference between a couple making it and not making it or being happy together or merely surviving.
Aditional information: For more information on Coach Sappho's Couples Circle, go to:

5. Coach Sappho's 'Secrets to Love' Podcast

Price: free/compliementary.
Description: Weekly, 30 minute secret to creating more love in your life! Live call in coaching. MP3 and streaming copy of podcasts available to subscribers.
Aditional information: To subscribe, go to:


Seven Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops

A very practical book that gives you all you need to do to prepare a workshop.

To learn more about the book just go to:

CREDENTIALS: Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Master's Degree in Social Work. Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, graduated Magna Cum Laude. Certified Singles Coach, Relationship Coaching Institute.