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With the economy on shaky ground and the multiple aftershocks of banks disappearing on a weekly basis, how does one manage to court, date, and look their best in the cyber-dating world? With love being recession-proof, one needs to be creative when getting ready for an online date. 

Holiday Makeover: Paul Mitchell School

Holiday Makeover: Paul Mitchell School

Just this past weekend, I wanted to look my best for a date and was fortunate that I could attend the “Holiday Makeover” event held at the Paul Mitchell School in the Los Angeles Area, hosted by An Empowered Woman, a woman’s networking group that I belong to.  

Going to a beauty school for haircuts, makeovers, and grooming treatments is a terrific way of looking your best on a budget. I arrived at the school wearing a stunning purple cashmere Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that I acquired at her new outlet store in Cabazon, California. With 40% off retail and an additional 10% of coupon from my AAA card, I was wearing the color of the season and no one knew it was practically free.

My makeup was done by a team from Arbonne, and I had my hair styled by a student at the Paul Mitchell School. Going to a local beauty school for grooming treatments is a smart thing to do in a troubled economy. At the salon I went to the charge for a haircut is only $12 and a color treatment costs $35. And the best part is, they take appointments.

My date arrived with one single rose. A man should know that just one rose will make a lasting impression and has the same impact as the entire dozen to a woman, and of course costs only 1/12th of the price. These days you can stop by a local supermarket and pick out a rose of your choice on your way to a date.

If you are a theater buff, make sure you are on the email list for the ½ price ticket offers that are available in most cities. With less people buying theater tickets these days, there is an overflow of discounted tickets available. I recently saw the musical Wicked at 40% off the regular price of the tickets.

Remember, love is recession proof. A woman can look sophisticated and fashionable, and a man can still be a hero when you are being both creative and practical. For more tips on getting ready for a date, check back with us frequently at

Julie Spira is an author and cyber-dating expert. If you like this article, you have permission to reprint or repost it in its entirety with the bio and link intact.