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  • Where I can take your photos
  • My Favorite Off-Studio Locations ($ 0 extra)

My Availability


8 AM - 4 PM


8 AM - 4 PM


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My Testimonials

"Melody did a fantastic job. These were given as a gift for my sibling. They were super nervous as it was the first time they ever got any professional photography done for themselves. Melody put them at ease and made them feel super comfortable. His photographs came out beautifully. When the photos were sent to us- we wanted to immediately post online- come to find out they hadn’t even been re-touched yet! That’s how great the colors and raw image quality was. Melody has great sample photos online- but the actual pictures that were taken by her were even better than the samples posted. My sibling is a "person of size", and Melody did a great job of photographing them in their best light and working their body with the camera angles while fully showing who they are. They are the best photos he has ever taken. The photos also don’t look posed at all, it looks like a friend with a good camera casually took some photos of you- in which you just happen to look amazing in. That was the look which we were going for. Melody was kind and patient throughout the whole process and took her time with the shoot. We never felt rushed. She even gave clothing tips and suggestions before the shoot and went above and beyond to make sure we got the shots need. I would 100% recommend her. I would love to work with her again- but with these photos- we probably won’t need to since he’ll be off the market!"


"I really liked Melody. She took very nice shots, and it was very easy to work with her. I felt nervous at first, but she was very encouraging. Very good experience. "


"Melody is great. Went above and beyond. Before the shoot she coached me on how to prep for the shoot to get good results. Much more to it than just picking the right attire. "


"Loved Melody!"

Leigh Ann

"I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience with Melody. She made a shy and nervous girl feel right at home in NYC. She has a very warm, calming demeanor and has a way of making you feel as though you’ve known her forever. Before the shoot began, she took the time to describe how it would go; from what I should wear to what I should practice in the mirror to bring out my best photogenic self. During she shoot, she had the patience and expertise to choose spots that would create the best backdrops and the relaxed personality to evoke the emotions I needed to bring forth. My pictures are the best I have ever seen of myself and were delivered that day. She is an artist and a true professional. Highly recommended!!!!!"


"The photos look amazing; Melody did a fantastic job with the shoot! I appreciated her guidance throughout the process; she truly made a somewhat daunting venture into a fun experience. "


"Melody was fantastic! She scoped out locations for photos prior to our shoot. She was like one of my girlfriends encouraging me and giving me ideas for different poses. I highly recommend her."


"Melody is excellent. She will contact you immediately and discuss the dress for the shooting; her schedule is flexible and will adjust based on the weather and lights. At the shooting date, she's very patient and will help you relax and during the shooting so you won't be too nervous. She captures the best moment of your smile, exactly as what I would be presented. I even thinking another session in the spring!"


"Melody was great and I love my pictures. We had a fun time together, and the pictures felt very natural. I'm usually intimidated by a camera in my face, but it was easy with Melody. After seeing myself through Melody's lens, I actually see myself differently! Highly recommend. "


"Most people would get nervous if they are not use to professional photoshoot. Melody will make sure you can express the best of yourself in front of the camera"


"Melody was fantastic. She is an artist, a therapist and a great conversationist. She made me feel me comfortable straight off the bat. She is smart, sharp, honest. She obviously has a great eye for the best light, pose, spot and shot! It was like going on a photoshoot with my best friend. The outcome was impeccable and delivered straight away. I have seldom come across such a wonderful professional. Kudos Melody, thank you for bringing the level so high in photography !"


"She was great to work with. Took great photos. I would highly recommend anyone working with her."


"Melody was very friendly and helpful in giving feedback during the shoot. Professional and a pleasure to work with! "


"Melody was absolutely delightful to work with and professional to the highest degree. She was the first professional photographer I ever worked with and I loved every single picture we picked out together. I can't recommend her enough!"


"Melody was amazing! Not only did she take great pictures but she coached me throughout the shoot and improved my poses. She was very thoughtful and a blast to hang out with!"


"Melody was extremly fun to work with. I really enjoyed my time with her. One of the few photographers that made me relax when shooting my photos. I look forward with working with her in the future. "


"Melody is a patient, excellent photographer. I really enjoyed working with her."


"Melody was a pleasure to work with and she's an absolute doll!"


"Melody was great. She offered great suggestions and made me feel at ease. My photos turned out really nicely!"


"Phenomenal experience with Melody. She's hilarious and gets the best out of each of her clients, and is so creative. She's also a joy to work with."


"Melody was outstanding, professional, courteous, and made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. I will be using her again in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone. "


"I recently booked a photo session with Melody after reading her already great reviews, and she really exceeded them. Being a person who's hated most every picture ever taken of him and always proclaimed "I don't photograph well", I now have this portfolio of shots where I can't figure out which one to use first because they're all so good! Aside from her obvious technical skills, she has a personality and ability to make it fun and 'direct' you through the shots to show a real range of emotions in them. I'd say I would happily use her again, but with these great pictures she may have made herself obsolete to me! "


"Melody is an amazing photographer and makes her shoots extremely fun. She is very professional and will try to get you out of your shell to take the best pictures possible. She will even go as far to help you plan your outfits for the various photo looks/styles and has a great eye for quality/taste. Wonderful person and even better artist. Looking forward to recommending her to all my friends and hopefully using her for another shoot in the future!"


"Melody is amazing! I'm not the type of person who enjoys taking photographs but she made it such a great and fun experience. "




"These are amongst the best pictures ever taken of me. Melody was very creative and it was enjoyable to work with her. I would not hesitate to work with her again."


"I enjoyed working with Melody very much. She is a talented and artistic photographer who made a photo-phobe like me laugh and not dread the process. Highly recommend! "


"Excellent. Efficient. Pleasure to work with."


"Melody was amazing !! I hate having my picture taken. She made me have courage and took the fear out of the process. I am very happy with the result and know I chose the best person to work with. "


"Melody was great. She was great at responding to my questions and providing suggestions for "looks" and just a lot of fun. I had a blast on my photo shoot! "


"She was great. I am so terrible at getting my picture taken but she brought my best side out."


"Melody made this session very fun and was very knowledgeable of her craft as evidenced the wonderful photos taken."


"Very friendly and skilled"


"very pleasant experience with a nice and professional photographer. "


" Melody was amazing. Not only is she a fantastic photographer who also does make up and knows how to style but she knows just how to put you at ease, make you laugh and bring out your best. She made this fun! Highly recommended!!! "


"What sets Melody apart is the fact that she really cared about helping me take great photos, coaxing out my most flattering expressions. She's truly an artist. I'd recommend her to anyone! "


"Melody was the sweetest woman ever!! So much fun to work with. Knowledgeable sincere easy flexible made it a lot of fun! "


"Great experience all around, will be my first call for any future photography needs. "


"Feeling lucky to have worked with Melody. She was funny and encouraging, and made the whole session seem fun and effortless. She was very generous with her time and advice. I couldn't be more pleased with the results."


"Melody was great to work with! Was very flexible with schedule times, and knew how to put me at ease. Easy and a lot of fun!"


"Melody was absolutely fabulous! She made me feel comfortable and beautiful, and we had a great time doing it! My photos came out beautifully, better than I could have expected. I would recommend her in a second!"


"Melody Reed did an excellent job with my photos! I have received such excellent feedback from them and they have really helped to enhance my online dating profiles - I'm getting much better response rate since I posted them. Thanks again!"


"Melody was a real pleasure to work with and her work speaks for itself. Very satisfied and I plan to work with her again in the future!"


"Loved working with Melody. She was so much fun, she gave me great ideas, she was professional, and I got great results. A+!"


"Melody did a fantastic job! She has a great eye and makes sure she brings out the best in each client. I also recommend using her make-up services. Even if you know how to do make-up, she does it in a way that is best for photographs. "


"Melody was FABULOUS to work with. She had me laughing and relaxed within minutes, and I'm thrilled with the photos."


"A wonderful experience. She is a total professional, very knowledgeable and fun to work with!"


"I very much enjoyed my session with Melody. Her sense of humor and encouragement made me feel very comfortable and very much at easy. She selected a couple of great locations for a shoot, and made me feel like a supermodel on the streets of NYC. The final product looked effortless. "


"Melody was absolutely excellent and I'm extremely happy with the finished product. As someone who has always struggled with looking halfway decent in photographs, Melody used her copious talents to bring out the best in me and capture those ephemeral moments without error."


"Melody was wonderful to work with. She was warm, encouraging, and funny which made it easy to relax and take natural photos. The results are beautiful!"


"Melody was very professional, helpful with great suggestions. Made the process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. I would highly recommend her."


"Excellent creative eye, very concerned with making sure the photography reflects your confidence and sense os style. "


"Melody has a way of helping you look (and feel) comfortable, natural and not too over-posed. She made the process fun and effortless. I am very happy with the results!"


"I'm not very comfortable getting my photo taken, but Melody put me at ease right away. She doesn't use a studio - we use the marvelous backgrounds found around NYC for a wide variety of lighting and color. We had a great time!!!"


"Melody was very good at finding a variety of locations for photographs, even in the cold weather! She was able to elicit different moods (from me) for the photos, and she was generous with her time."


"What a wonderful experience and photos! Melody made me feel so comfortable and really captured what I wanted!"


"Melody was extremely professional, and worked hard with me to achieve a good crop of photos. Thank you!"


"I've worked with professional photographers for years -- Melody is absolutely the best I've ever worked with! She taught me how to 'work' on my smile to finally change a look I've disliked since I can remember. I can't thank Melody enough! Outstanding! "


"Melody.. You are a goddess extrordinair and remember that.. and so amazing.. The pictures you took of me are incredible. Thank you again you are so good!!"


"Melody was a pleasure to work with - she made it a fun and relaxing experience. Highly recommended!!"


"Great shoot with a talented and helpful photographer. Melody has a keen sense of light and human nature. "


"Melody was a pleasure to work with. I put 100% faith in her and she didn't disappoint."


"Melody knows the difference between a snapshot and a photograph that shows whom you are."


"Melody was an excellent photographer and a pleasure to work with. She is funny and friendly, and knows how to relax her clients. I would work with her again."


"Melody went above and beyond for me, spending extra time and care to get the best looks possible. Melody was very attentive and answered all my questions before the shoot began. On shoot day, we checked out four separate locations and finally settled on two. I think Melody sees the beauty in people. I showed the final photos to a friend of mine, a professional in the film industry. She told me I looked gorgeous! "


"Melody did an absolutely outstanding job! Not only did she take beautiful pictures, but she made me feel very comfortable and made the whole process a lot of fun. Would recommend very highly!"


"Melody Reed is a first rate pro with a great personality who captures your best. The compliments that I have received have been amazing. I should have done this sooner."


"Melody did an amazing job! She was very personable and fun! Thanks Mel!"


"she was the best "


"Melody is terrific at what she does. She prepared me for what to expect from the photo shoot, she helped me relax, was warm and reassuring, playful, and very generous with her time. She is a true professional who knows her craft and knows how to work with people. I have never before liked pictures of myself, but the photos melody took capture the best parts of me and I like them a lot."

Ms. Ronny

"Melody was very personable and I enjoyed my time taking photos with her. I am very camera shy and she got some excellent shots."


"Highly recommended! She was really funny which was needed. She took some really awesome shots! Thank you Melody! "


"Thank you, Melody for a terrific experience!"


"Melody was the best thing that has happened to my online dating profile. Before, her I had sent e-mails but, received no reply. After her, I am being contacted without any initiation."


"Very good at taking pictures. "


"Melody made me feel confident about having my picture taken. She offered styling tips (she did my make up!) and knew how to capture the light in a flattering way."


"Melody made my day fun and exciting. She made me look and feel beautiful. We explored NYC and shot as we went. She had me growling up trees and showed me how to pose like a model. All the while she made me comfortable and at ease. The photos show this. She is a wonderful artist, person, and photographer."


"Melody was excellent -- she took great pictures and showed a lot of care and effort in the process. "


"Melody was absolutely terrific. She made me feel very at ease which was not easy as I had never done this before. I give her my highest recommendation. "


"Melody was professional, kind and pleasant."


"I chose Melody based on her credentials namely teaching at Pratt which is an excellent art school. I was an actor in my 20s so I've had a lot of pics taken and I must say she was really fun to work with, always making me laugh and really, really positive. Since these pics are for dating, I was really nervous being divorced and back on the market. She was really comforting and brought out the best in me, both my looks and my personality."


"Working with Melody was a pleasure. She came on time and was very professional. i am happy with the photos."


"Melody was very sweet, on time, really took the time to find out who I was and what I wanted to convey in my pictures. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures too! Highly recommended."


"Amazing results. I can't believe how much I enjoyed the experience, and how great the results turned out. I'm totally hooked!"


"she made me very comfortable. "


"Working with Melody was a truly wonderful experience. She is not only a great photographer, she also knows how to put you at ease so you can look your best."


"What a wonderful experience working with Melody! I normally HATE having my picture taken. But I was so sorry when our session was over. She is a very thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent and funny person. She spends a lot of time getting to know who you are, and how you see yourself. She is great at gently coaxing interesting, attractive poses out of you. She brings out the best of you in your photos. I enthusiastically recommend Melody to everyone!"


"It was clear from our first phone conversation that Melody was both terrifically talented and warm and thoughtful. She immediately put me at ease with her open, outgoing personality. She spent time with me before, during and after the photo shoot, discussing everything from what outfit to wear to how to select the best pictures. Most importantly, she is extremely talented. Her photos were, without a doubt, the best pictures I've ever had. "


"Very professional, made me feel comfortable."


"Melody was great. She made me feel very comfortable and the pics are wonderful. "




"I have always considered myself not at all photogenic. It was deeply satisfying to see myself look beautiful in the photos Melody took. I truly enjoyed my photo shoot with Melody."




"Melody was very sweet and made the shoot as painless as possible."


"I enjoyed my photo session with Melody. She was great fun and she made me feel very much at ease. I don't think I photograph very well but she took some great pictures. Thanks."


"Melody did a great job and it was a fun to work with her!"


"Melody was great. Fun to work with and excellent results."


"I thought Melody was a really great photographer for this photo session. She made me feel comfortable and I think she got really great shots."


"Melody was an absolute pleasure to work with. "


"I couldn't be happier with Melody as my photographer. She made the process fun and relaxing, her aesthetic insticts are excellent, and I'm thrilled with the final product. If anyone in NYC is looking for a skilled, creative photographer, I recommend Melody without hesitation."


"Melody was a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job!"


"My photographer, Melody, was absolutely wonderful. She put me at ease, she found excellent places in NY City to shoot the pictures and choose them, and she offered friendly helpful advice. She really exceeded my expectations. Plus, I think the pictures are great. She's a very talented photographer."


"She did a great job. Very easy to work with and good energy. "


"Melody was very easy to work with and very professional. I'm very pleased with the results!!"


"Melody was so fun to work with and she took some GREAT pictures. A real professional who totally knew what she was doing and made a what could have been a nerve racking experience a really fun and enjoyable one!"


"My photographer, Melody, was terrific -- personable, professional, encouraging and fun. Thank you!"


"Melody was very easy-going, made me feel comfortable, and took very natural photos. I would definitely recommend her to others."


"Melody was wonderful. She called me shortly after I booked the session, took the time to talk to me about what I wanted and was prompt to arrive on photo day. She made me comfortable, did way more than the minimum required under the contract, let me feel like I was in control and - most important of all - took great pictures! I never come out well in photos but now I have a dozen great pictures of myself, thanks to Melody. I would highly recommend her."


"Melody made the photo shoot a wonderful experience! I highly recommend her."


"Melody was terrific. She made me feel at ease and was very honest and helpful throughout the whole process."


"This is the 3rd time I have used a photographer, Melody made me feel the most comfortable of everyone."


"I was thrilled with the quality of my photos and I am usually super-critical of myself in photos! Melody is very talented and a delight to work with. "


"Melody was great! She helped me pick good locations, backgrounds and also with my poses. The end result is great and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! "


"I cannot overstate how satisfied and pleased I am to have worked with Melody Reed. Initially I was hesitant to sign up for this service but once I received the confirmation call from Melody my doubts began to evaporate. Her reassuring words, helpful hints and confident manner laid to rest any lingering reservations. Our session was relaxed, efficient and enjoyable. Melody is clearly an experienced, talented and gifted photographer. Her charm and confidence set me at ease and allowed me to relax and enjoy the shoot. She even took the extra time to help me sort through the shots to pick out the best of the bunch. If you are still deciding to pull the trigger don’t wait. Melody is going to get great shots of you and you will probably have fun in the process. It’s that simple! "


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About Me


I'm a Native New Yorker, a fine art and portrait photographer and a people person.

I exhibit my photos regularly in galleries in NYC and currently has a one-woman-show at Pratt called "Beauty in the Beast".

I've produced a cable TV show on MNN called Melody's Media Mix. In 2005, I won the award for outstanding photography and graphics instructor of the year from the Association of Graphic Communicators.

My proven "On location" style of portrait photography gets people more attention when online.


I make people comfortable with relaxed humor. I will talk to you while I am shooting, like a director might, trying to evoke that special expression. I try for that you’re-at-a-party-and-someone’s-called-your-name-and-you’re-looking-over-and- laughing look.

Even if you never had professional photos taken, (and most people have not) you will have a relaxing and fun experience while getting to discover your best, and sometimes hidden, attributes. I will be your best friend, coach, magic mirror, therapist, dj, bartender, barrister, and/or fairy god mother. What ever it takes to finally bring out that inner beauty and lovable self, that your mother loves or makes your dog wag his tail when he is with you. Your not competing with fashion models. You want to be loved - No rush. No pressure. With the instant feedback of the digital camera, we work in a partnership, sharing and discussing what we see as we go along. This way you can become aware and gain instant mastery of what you are doing consciously. Learn which is your best side, what different poses signal to other people, and how the slightest tilt of a head or special kind of smile or expression can make a tremendous difference. By having control of what you project to the (dating) world, you have a real chance of attracting what you really want.

The make up that I do, if you desire, comes out of my fine art retouching background. I constantly research and use anti aging, and pore and wrinkle minimizing serums and primers suitable for men and women. I focus on the area under and around the eye. The result is very subtle, preferring a natural anti-aging skin and sculpting approach to makeup rather than the obvious old school glamour makeup, so you really look like your pictures. Don''''''''t worry if you don''''''''t think you look perfect (nobody does). Bring your willingness, enthusiasm and your spirit, and I''''ll take care of the rest. ;))

My Education:

I've been a photographic and digital graphic instructor at Pratt Institute for 18 years, and teach photography and the "digital darkroom" at CUNY. I'm a graduate of CUNY College and Germain School of Photography.

My Clients:

Corporate CEO's and the President of the City University of NY.

My favorite locations:

Interesting indoor/outdoor hotel lobbys, urban retail centers, private pocket parks, galleries, the Met, Central Park of course, Riverside Drive Park, by the Hudson River, and most recently, The High Line, a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Also I am always open to a suggestion of a special place you might like or feel comfortable.

My Studio:

I prefer the fantastic range of New York City''s available backdrops. See the city through the eyes of a real native Manhattanite. The city''s lively anonymity makes for a day of spontaneity, carnival and fun. Reassuring you that with all the people on the streets, are not watching you, because they are all taking their own pictures and enjoying their own experience. (Also knowing that you are not likely to ever see anyone you pass again, gives us all a tremendous amount of freedom). If you have a favorite place that makes you comfortable, or one you want to explore, I am open to all feasible adventures and possibilities. I tend to prefer the bounty of Columbus Circle and Central Park South area; my billion dollar studio.

For those of you that are not comfortable with crowds, I have many safe and fun semi-secluded sanctuaries that only true New Yorkers know about as well.